Jyoti Toolings Infrastructure

Jyoti Toolings, has extensive manufacturing capability to meet the demands of a large segment of the automotive industry. The company has Four manufacturing Units in Pune & One in Chennai with a total capability to provide complete sheet metal solution. With a range of presses – hydraulic and other required equipment of international standard, the plants have complete capabilities for making complex sheet metal components assemblies of different sizes.

UNIT 3: Moshi, Pune
Press Line : 800T-500T-500T-450T-250T
UNIT 4: Markal, Pune
Press Line : Press Line : 1000 T- 800 T-600 T- 500 T.
UNIT 5: Sriperumbudure, Chennai.
Press Line 1 : 300 T- 300 T-160 T- 450 T-250 T
Press Line 1 : 200 T- 100 T-80 T
Press Line 1 : 500 T- 400
UNIT 3: Moshi, Pune
Spot Welding facility (Moshi)
Welding facility for Rack & Pinion Cross member (Moshi)
Robotic Welding Facility(Moshi)
UNIT 4: Markal, Pune
Spot Welding facility  (Markal)
Welding facility for cab Suspension Assay (Markal)
Robotic Welding Facility(Markal)
UNIT 5: Sriperumbudure, Chennai.
Spot Welding facility  (Markal)
Spot Welding facility  (Chennai)
Welding facility (Chennai)
Robotic Welding Facility(Moshi)
UNIT 1: Bhosari, Pune
Medium die shop. Started in 1996,having area 25,000 Sq. ft. Tools manufacturing up to 2mtr length & up to 10T Weight
UNIT 2: Moshi, Pune
Heavy die shop. Started in 2005,having area 150,000 Sq. ft. Tools manufacturing from 2 – 4.5 Meter length & up to 20T Weight
UNIT 5: Sriperumbudure, Chennai
Small die shop. Started in 2008,having area 160,000 Sq. ft. Tools manufacturing from 2 – 4.5 Meter length & up to 20T Weight
Plant V – Markal, Pune
Checking Fixture for Components Checking
Assay Checking Fixture for Assay Checking
CMM Machine for Quality Assurance
Pattern Shop
UNIT 2: Moshi, Pune
All our pattern made by 100% 3D Machining of thermocole from a Solid block this ensure a highest quality with reduction in lead time
Design Center
Design division
Is headed by Mr.Vijaybhaskar having 20+ years experience in sheet metal tool design. Has rich experience in designing large progressive tools, transfer tools & automobiles panel dies.
Other Facilities
Shearing facility –
Engineering Center –
Fixture Manufacture Unit -